Burari deaths: The psychological autopsy report brought another interesting and shocking twist in the death case of 11 members of a family, who were found dead at their residence in North Delhi’s Burari area. The report claimed that the deceased did not commit suicide, but it was an accident that occurred during a ritual.

“On the basis of psychological autopsy study on the deceased, the incident was not a suicide but an accident that occurred during the course of performing a ritual. None of the deceased had an intention to put an end to his/her life,” the psychological autopsy report said.

Earlier in July, the Delhi Police had requested CBI to conduct the psychological autopsy.

The psychological autopsy was conducted by CBI’s Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL), which analyses the mental health of a person. The CFSL examined all the related documents, proofs and states of the neighbours and family members.

“Psychological autopsy attempts to study a person’s mental state by analysing medical records, interviewing friends and family and conducting research into their state of mind prior to death, ” said police.

The officer said the CBI, who were handed over the diaries the family had written over a span of 11 years which talked about attaining God, concurred with the police investigation.
Earlier, police reports in their investigation had found that one of the family members, Lalit Chundawat, had visitations from his dead father and would dictate certain things to his family members.

Lalit had forced other family members to perform the rituals, which ended their lives.

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