Just a day after Delhi woke up to a shocking murder mystery where 11 of a family were found dead in north Delhi’s Burari area, the police investigating the case have reportedly recovered several handwritten notes from the house that suggest that the family committed suicide while observing some mystical practice. On July 1, a family of 11 was found dead inside their house by their neighbours. While some were found hanging from the ceiling, others were found on the floor with their hands tied and blindfolded. Commenting on the recovered notes, the investigating police officer said that the notes have similarities with the manner in which the deceased were tied and blindfolded.

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While the deputy commissioner on Sunday said that they will be investigating the Burari case from all the angles, reports suggested that the family had been writing notes which hint towards tantrik practice from the past few months.

A report by TOI stated that the extracts from the recovered notes appear to be from some tantrik literature. The police added that the last entry done in a diary, some 2 days ago, also hints at some mystical practice.

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The police reports added that 10 of the 11 family members were found hanging from the ceiling with their hands tied, mouth taped and stuffed with a cloth while the elderly lady was found dead from the other room of the Burari house.

According to India.com, Delhi Police recovered several hand-written notes that suggested that the family was into tantrik practice and had committed suicide to please a God. A few of the notes recovered said that the people should be blindfolded in such a way that the only zenith is visible. The note further added that a cotton cloth or dupatta should be used along with rope — which is exactly how police found the dead bodies. 

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The other note read that a banyan tree should be worshipped for 7 days constantly. One of the shocking details was where it was mentioned that if old cannot stand they can lie down in the other room — exactly the way police found the elderly woman.

The practice should be carried out between 12 to 1 am. The bodies have been sent for postmortem to ascertain the reason and time of their death.

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