Byju Raveendran, CEO of the Byju’s learning app, has joined India’s billionaire list. A former classroom teacher who turned entrepreneur to revolutionize the style of teaching and learning. Byju education mobile application has earned $6 billion in about seven years. Reports say Byju has earned more than $150 million earlier this month. The people who are closely attached with the company told the media that Byju’s conferred a value of $5.7 billion out of which founder on the company owns over 21% share. The education app has recently announced to tie-up with Walt Disney Co. and its services will be taken to the American shores by 2020.

After the announcement, the 37-year-old entrepreneur said he is willing to contribute a lot to the Indian education system just like Walt Disney evolved the world of entertainment. The new application, which will be developed using the animation of Disney staples from The Lion King to Frozen Anna, will teach Maths and English to students from grade 1 to 3. The animated cartoon characters will share information and teach through videos, games, stories and interactive quizzes to sharpen the minds of kids.

Byju CEO Raveendran said kids everywhere relate to Disney’s Simba or Moana, who grip kids’ attention before we take them through the loop of learnings. As per the government-backed India Brand Equity Foundation report, India’s online learning market is expected to get double by 2020 and will get close to the business of $5.7 billion. 

The main reason for online learning booming is a cheap smartphone market and internet data plans, which help people to easily access such online applications.

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