Trying to woo people during his 4-day Karnataka visit to garner support for the Congress party ahead of the upcoming Assembly Elections in the state, Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday while invoking the Goods and Services Tax (GST) said that if his government is voted to power at the Centre then they try to simplify the current state of GST. Rahul Gandhi said that if the Congress party comes to the power at the centre, then they will put all the things under one GST slab with a decent percentage value of the tax and will try to simplify the process further. 

One of the major economic reforms brought in by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi government to simplify the tax system in the nation, this is not the first time when Rahul Gandhi has spoken about GST. At the time when he was campaigning for his party in Gujarat Assembly Elections 2017, Rahul Gandhi termed GST as Gabbar Singh Tax and was very critical about the new tax regime in the nation. According to leading daily, speaking about GST, Rahul Gandhi said, “Our position is very clear. When we come to power, we will reform the current GST and simplify it. We will attempt to make it a one tax and cap it at a decent level. We will also try to remove the huge amount of confusion that you all are facing.”

Further hitting out at the current form of GST, Rahul Gandhi said that they want to simplify the concept of GST from its present complicated form. Mentioning about his vision of the GST, Rahul Gandhi said that they will put all the important items and services used by poor people outside the GST and create one slab of 18% for other items. 

The GST implemented under the Modi regime has so far received mixed reactions. However, with time and after feedback from industry players, the government in GST council meetings are continuously taking important decisions and making changes to make it easy for the businesses in the nation to run smoothly. 

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