Cartoonist Sudhir Dhar, who enriched several newspapers with his art and conveyed big messages in a sarcastic and humors manner, passed away today. He was 87-years-old. Reports said Sudhir Dhar had a cardiac arrest this morning. The news of Sudhir Dhar’s saddening demise was confirmed by his family members. The renowned cartoonist gave over 58 years to journalism and graced many big newspapers and magazines with his work.

Sudhir Dhar, a popular cartoonist, had started his journey as a radio announcer with the All India Radio (AIR). His journey as a cartoonist started in 1961 during a radio show when he made a sketch of The Statesman’s editor. The Statesman’s editor was so impressed with Dhar’s work that he offered him a job in his company as a cartoonist. He was used to sketch cartoons titled Out of My Mind.

After The Statesman, Dhar joined the Hindustan Times and worked as a political cartoonist in 1967. He worked there for almost 2 decades. Dhar’s cartoon characters were published on the front page of the Hindustan Times regularly with the name “This Is It”.

He also gave his services in The Pioneer, The Independent and the Delhi Times. In the year 2000, Dhar quit the job and started working as a freelancer. Not just the Indian publications, Dhar’s art was also printed by the New York Times, Washington Post and Saturday Review. Praising Dhar’s outstanding work the Mad magazine had called him a Tasty Indian Nut.


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