It is no hidden secret that caste plays a major role in politics of Andhra Pradesh. However, to what extent? Is the question. The arrest of former TDP minister Kollu Ravindra for the murder of a BC leader Bhaskar Rao from Machilipatnam who was brutally stabbed to death in broad daylight on Friday has become a major political flashpoint in the state.

On the 29th of June, M.Bhaskar Rao , a former chairman of the Market Yard was stabbed using a blade dipped in cyanide by unknown assailants. The family of the victim have been demanding he arrest of the former TDP minister Kollu Ravindra since day 1.

After preliminary investigation, 3 of the accused including a minor were arrested by the local police on Thursday. After interrogating the 3 accused , the name of ex minister Ravindra surfaced.

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So Ravindra was arrested when he as in his way to visakhapatnam last night . the Telugu Desam Party lead by its president and former CM Chandra Babu Naidu alleged that this government is anti BCs so that one after another BC leaders like Ravindra , Achemnaidu were arrested.

The former CM portrayed this arrest as ‘anti-BC’. The former CM took to Twitter to drive the narrative home. Using the hashtag #AnotherBCLeaderHarassedByYCP , Naidu put out a serious of tweets calling this vendetta politics.

But the government of Andhra representatives and MPs like Vijay Sai reddy countered the ex CM by saying law does not discriminate on the basis of caste and the person who was murdered was also BC leader . And the law is equal to all .

Whenever there is a case or arrest of any leader , the caste angle becomes a big issue. The narratives are changed on the basis of caste.

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