Horrifying visuals of an African man being attacked by sticks and bricks in Delhi have surfaced on the social media. The ugly incident of racism took place in South Delhi. The African national was brutally beaten up by neighbours who accused him of theft. In the video the man can be seen tied to a pole and being assaulted by his neighbours. The man’s legs were also tied with a rope while he was being assaulted.

The more shocking part of the story is that he was arrested for theft by Delhi Police and investigating officers accepted the neighbor’s version that he fell from stairs after committing the robbery. To top this, the medical reports also back the claim of the police and the neighbours. The viral video of the man being thrashed, however, points at something different.

This incident raises serious question about the security if African nationals in the country. There have been numerous instances of African nationals being attacked in Delhi and the neighbouring localities.

Earlier, a Nigerian student was brutally beaten by a large mob inside Greater Noida’s Ansal Plaza mall. The local people, who beat the African students with sticks and other weapons, had accused them of peddling in drugs. Five people were arrested for the attacks.

The latest attacks have raised serious questions of lawlessness in Delhi-NCR. The envoys have escalated these attacks at the highest level with the Indian authorities.

Last year, a Congolese national was killed in the national capital which had triggered a massive outrage.