In a gruesome case which has surfaced in the national capital, a young man was stabbed at least 50 times with knives and beaten with rods by a group of men in Delhi’s Khanpur area on Thursday. The incident took place when the victim was returning back from the gym in the afternoon. A group of men on at least 10 motorbikes with 2 men on each bike arrives at the spot and surrounds the victim who has been identified as Ashish and brutally beats him. The entire incident which took place in Duggal colony was caught on camera.

According to reports, this brutal thrashing of a man by a group of 20 men Thursday afternoon in Khanpur’s Duggal colony but no one in the locality came out to save the person from the culprits. Ashish who was brutally stabbed multiple times and beaten with rod has been admitted to a hospital and is currently in a critical stage. He was only taken to a hospital after the gang ran away from the spot. The local took the victim to a nearby hospital where he is being treated currently. Meanwhile, reports also mention that doctors say there at least 50 knife wounds on Ashish’s body who is in a critical situation. 

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The video of the incident shows two-three men on a bike first arrives in the Duggal locality, surrounds the victims and moments after at least 10 more bikes with 2 men on each bike also arrive in that area and inhumanly thrash the man. 

Locals say that the police arrived at the crime scene at least an hour late. Though the reason why Ashish was brutally beaten is not clear yet but going by locals, they say that it was a result of an earlier brawl when Ashish tried to stop these group of people from beating a boy who was throwing water balloons on them. 

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