The charge sheet filed by Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in Yadav Singh corruption case has made a number of startling revelations. The charge sheet points that the former chief engineer of Noida had spent lavishly during his daughter’s marriage in 2008. For the marriage of his daughter Karuna Singh the Yadav Singh had booked The Noida Stadium in Sector 21, more than 5000 people attended the wedding and cores of rupees were spent in the grand function. During the CBI investigation, the central investigative agency found that Yadav Singh had more than Rs 23 Cr of undisclosed income. 

Singh had more than 36 plots in his kitty all registered in the name of his relatives. The investigative agency also found that between 2004 and 2014 the former chief engineer had spent more than Rs 11 Cr on merrymaking and an extravagant lifestyle. In 2013, Yadav Singh’s wife Kusum Lata bought jewelry worth Rs 1 Cr from a mall in Noida. During a raid at Yadav Singh’s property cash in abundance, jewelry worth crores and documents of properties were seized by the investigative agency. Yadav Singh’s bungalow had more than 21 air conditioners installed. All the air conditioners were purchased together and the cost was Rs 10 lakh.   

The Noida house of the former chief engineer was raided by Income Tax Department followed by Central Bureau of Investigation. The raids that unearthed so much undisclosed income in cash and jewelry left everyone stunned even the officials of the department Yadav Singh worked for. CBI filed the charge sheet in this case in a special court and the matter is currently under trial.

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