Chandrayaan 2 moon landing: Chandrayaan 2 is a matter of pride for the entire country, said BL Chawla, father of late astronaut Kalpana Chawla. Ahead of the much-anticipated moon landing, Chawla reiterated that after Russia, China, and the USA, India would be the fourth nation to mark its presence in the space. He further added that once the rover (Pragyan) would touch the lunar surface, the entire nation would celebrate the victory. In an exclusive interview with NewsX, BL Chawla noted he takes pride in the fact that India would set a new benchmark in space research.

When asked any memory related to the space mission of Kalpana Chawla, he responded that they did not have much information about the mission. He said that the only thing they knew about the mission was that Kalpana would be a part of America’s space mission.

He further shared he once had a conversation with his daughter via video conference. During the conversation, Kalpana told him about the details regarding space and her mission, BL Chawla said. He revealed that before the video conference, he had almost no information regarding the mission.

On being asked about their conversations over space programmes before Kalpana volunteered to be a part of NASA to which he replied that Kalpana always wanted to fly. He added she was passionate about flying and that was why she studied about it too.

He shared that once when Kalpana was just three-years-old, she saw a plane flying and was curious to know how it worked. Out of curiosity, she expressed her desire to learn about the functioning of the aircraft. Her father then took her to the flying club after getting the prerequisite permissions.

Soon after Kalpna reached the flying club, she ran to the aircraft leaving her dad and elder brother behind. She was roaming around the plane and asked a lot of questions to the captain of the plane in order to curb her curiosity.

BL Chawala further applauded India’s moon mission, saying it will provide opportunities to young minds to know more about space and technology.

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