In an incident being reported from Kanker in Ankhiharra village near Chhattisgarh, a leopard fell into a well on Thursday morning.

According to sources, the leopard was spotted in the well by some farmers who were on their way to work. They immediately informed the officials of the forest department in their area about the incident. 

At present the rescue operation is on and the concerned authorities are trying their best to rescue the leopard without injuring the animal. It is being assumed that the unfortunate animal was maybe chasing a prey at the time of incident. 

Earlier in July, a leopard was rescued by forest officials from a well in a village in the Kalol taluka of Panchmahal district, Gujarat.

It is believed that the leopard may have been chasing a prey when it fell into the well. Those who came to work on the farm where the well is located, spotted the leopard.

A series of cots were then tied to each other and lowered into the well. The leopard eventually climbed out of the well on these cots and retired into the jungle.