With less than four days left for the CBSE class 12 board exams, the students have pulled up their socks as the exam date approaches closer. Many are done with their revisions while some are yet to finish their syllabus.
The 2019 board exams will commence on February 15, and conclude on April 3. Many times students despite their best efforts don’t end up scoring good marks. This might make them doubt their preparation, though in reality, it’s bad time management and other factors which result in lower marks.

Well, need not worry as we have compiled a list of common mistakes that often lead to students losing marks in boards. As observed by board examiners, students make silly blunders in subjects like Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics and Mathematics. To make things easier for Commerce students, here’s a list of common errors that need to be checked by students before they take their first exam.

– Commerce students need to be clear with theory as based on numerical the students need to be clear with their theories.
– The paper is time-consuming and students need to manage their time section-wise.
– The paper needs to be read thoroughly given its length followed by time division section wise.
– All one markers should be answered in one word or one sentence. The students should not waste their time on one marker.
– Proper format needs to be followed for journal and ledger questions followed by narration for each journal entry. Students failing to follow the format might face a deduction of 25 per cent.
– It’s very important for students to practice as many sample papers as possible. Time management is crucial , hence students must take care to devote not more than 1 minute to 1 markers, while not more than 3-8 minutes should be devoted to 6 markers.

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