What comes as a new directive on Independence Day celebrations, the Yogi Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh has asked madarsas to pay tribute to freedom fighters and organise cultural programmes on this 71st Independence Day. A circular has been issued by the UP Madarsa Shiksha Parishad’s registrar to all the madarsas in UP to organise Independence Day celebrations on August 15. 

In the past, during Independence Day celebrations madarsas were directed to hoist the national flag and recite the national anthem. But for the first time they have also been asked to hold cultural programmes on August 15.

As explained by the administration, the purpose of such a move is to encourage and motivate the madarsas to participate in such patriotic celebrations and that such celebrations could be promoted in the future.

The directive also suggests that such celebrations should include flag hoisting, rendition of National Anthem, a tribute to our freedom fighters, and performances by the students of the madarsas on national songs.

Apart from the above, a circular has also been issued to the District Minority Welfare officers which makes it mandatory to capture photographs and shoot videos of the programmes and that a record of all such patriotic programmes be maintained.

Reports have come in that the real reason such a directive has been issued by the government is to determine the actual situation of the madarsas. It is notable that there are 8000 madarsas in the state at present out of which 560 are financially supported by the UP government and the expenses are also borne by the state government.

Several muslim organisations have condemned and questioned this decision of the state government stating that the government has questioned their patriotism.

The madarsas have vehemently opposed the state government’s decision and termed it as unfortunate, and said that madarsas have played an intrinsic part in the Indian freedom struggle.

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