A complaint has been filed against Congress leader Shashi Tharoor over his controversial Hindu Pakistan remark. Earlier in the day, Shashi Tharoor, addressing an event at Thiruvananthapuram, said that India will become Hindu Pakistan if BJP wins 2019 Lok Sabha elections. According to reports, Rizwan Ahmed has filed the complaint against Congress parliamentarian from Thiruvananthapuram.  

Soon after he made this controversial remark, BJP sought an apology from Shashi Tharoor, saying that Congres doesn’t not left any opportunity to defame India.

Even Shashi Tharoor’s own party distanced itself from his Hindu Pakistan remark and said the senior party leader made the statement in his personal capacity. It further asked its leaders to restrain themselves from making such remarks. The Congress party also alleged BJP of playing communal cards.

Later in the day, Shashi Tharoor, refusing to apologise for his remark, said that he is repeating what is on the record from RSS and BJP.

Issuing an clarification on the matter, the senior Congress leader, in his Facebook post on Thursday evening, said that he don’t see what exactly he need to apologise for BJP’s point of view.

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