Monday, August 8, 2022

BJP spends a lot of money on their IT cell: Rakesh Tikait

With the return of the India News Manch, national and regional political forces such as Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand are preparing for elections in the months ahead. The summit, which begins at 9 a.m. and will be broadcast LIVE on NewsX and India News, is hosted by Signature Global and co-sponsored by Rakesh spices and Keo Karpin. Live streams of the event are available on Dailyhunt, Zee5, ShemarooMe, Jio TV, Watcho, MX PlayerMzaalo, TataSky, and PayTm.

The National spokesperson of the Bharatiya Kisan Union, Rakesh Tikait joined us for an exclusive interview as part of the conclave.

Tikait started the interview by telling the people that he is with the people of the nation and not with any political party. ” I am with the people of the country. “Talking about the ‘homa’ ritual in Delhi, he said, “The ‘homa’ in Delhi was conducted by the Delhi Government. During the offerings, I only had our farmers in my mind. I performed the prayers for them.”

Our interviewer further asked Rakesh about who is going to win the UP elections in 2022. Tikait replied, “The government can be formed by any party, only the Chief minister is the one for the public. We will work our way through whoever forms their government. I am not in support of any party, I just want them to perform their duties. Definitely, there should be some competition. Without competition, there is no moving forward.”

He went on to say that, “A protest is going in Allahabad as we speak. The farmers there want to sell grains and the police organization is accusing them of wrongdoings. The merchants want to buy the grains at Rs. 1000 and the government rate is around Rs. 1900. There is a major struggle going on in Allahabad regarding this.”

Rakesh reacted to some social media posts where people called him an ‘Event manager”. He replied, “BJP spends a lot of money on their IT cell. The small channels of our group have given a competition to these IT cells. I would like to thank these channel for showcasing the entire protests on TV. I received around 3600 calls from people who abused me and I just decided to switch off my phone. I am very well aware that these are BJP’s doings. Our union has good command over tractors but not Twitter but the youth of the country helped us during our weak moment and supported us.”

When asked about what the farmers received from the year long protests, he replied, “From those protests the farmers have learned to speak for themselves with sheer confidence. The promises that the govt have made to the farmers of making a committee has not been formed yet. We the people of Sayukt Morcha will assemble on 15th January and discuss the future plans. If the government works against the will of the farmers, the Sayukt Morcha will stand against it and work accordingly. Taking a dig at Modi and Yogi, the BKU leader said, “We should conduct a survey asking who are the two Kim Jongs’ of India.”

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