Addressing the media over Bharat Bandh protest called on September 10, Congress spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala claimed that Bharat Bandh was a success. He later thanked all the political parties for their support during the protest. Talking to media he said that the main motive behind carrying out these protest was the continuous hike in fuel price and the unfulfilled promises made by PM Modi. Lauding the governance by UP, senior Congress leader Ashok Gehlot said that when fuel prices surged during their rule, they swiftly cut the VAT so that the common man does not bear the pressure on his pocket.

Congress’ spokesperson Surjewala also thanked the 21 opposition parties for joining hands with Rahul Gandhi and Congress party. Meanwhile, Ashok Ghelot fired cannons at PM Modi and said that while the country was reeling under high fuel prices, the ignorant nature of the BJP was witnessed by one and all as they did not take any step in favour of the masses.

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While addressing the media over Bharat Bandh, Congress further slammed Amit Shah over his remark where he had claimed that BJP will not be going out of power for next 50 years. Congress claimed that only an arrogant ruler can be in power for 50 years without getting elected by the people.

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During its press briefing, Congress further addressed the incident where a 2-year-old lost his life after the ambulance ferrying her to the hospital got stuck in the traffic blockade caused because of Bharat Bandh in Bihar. Randeep Singh Surjewala claimed that Congress believes in non-violence and refrains itself from gettig indulged into violenct acts. He further added that a no congress worker can ever blok the way of an ambulance.

2-year-old dies during Bharat Bandh in Bihar, BJP blames Congress for loss

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