After BJP levelled a number of allegations against Congress and termed it a Muslim party, Congress president Rahul Gandhi took to his Twitter handle and said that he along with his party stands with all the people of this country regardless of their religion or caste. Rahul Gandhi further claimed that things like religion, caste and beliefs do not matter to him at all. Taking to his social media account, Rahul Gandhi said that he stands with the last person in the line who has faced exploitation. Ending the ‘religious war’, Congress president added that things like religion, beliefs and caste matter extremely less to him.

Stating that he loves all living beings, Rahul Gandhi said that he has removed all the hatred and fear inside him. Claiming that he is the Congress, Rahul Gandhi said that he seeks out to those who have suffered pains in their life.

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The following post by the Congress president comes a few days after the party was termed as ‘Muslim party’. As per reports, an Urdu daily claimed that during a meet of Muslim intellectuals earlier in the week, Rahul Gandhi said that ‘Congress is a Muslim party’.

Even though Congress has tried to distance itself from the statement and claimed that no such remark was made by the party president, the matter got highlighted after PM Modi picked it up and shared with a gathering of thousands during his rally in Uttar Pradesh.

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Slamming Gandhi over his remark, Modi further added he is not surprised with Rahul Gandhi’s remark as earlier when Manmohan Singh was the PM he said that Muslims have the first right over country’s natural resources.

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