Madhya Pradesh Congress chief Kamal Nath has announced the construction of gaushala (cow shelter) in every district of the state if the party is voted to power in the upcoming state elections, as per a report in The Print. The promise is reminiscent of August 2017, when the incumbent Shivraj Singh Chouhan announced the setting up of 108 gaushalas across the bank of the river Narmada. However, Nath has given his word for it against CM’s announcement.

The gaushala ( cow shelter) announcement, if not reveals then hints towards Congress’ poll strategy in a largely Hindu-dominated state where the minorities only amount to a mere 7 percent of the state population.

The competitive Hindutva politics is not limited to the construction of cow shelters in the run-up to the polls, visiting temples has also emerged as another trend in the state. According to reports, Congress scion Rahul Gandhi, from September onwards, will visit Lord Shiva temple at Omkareshwar to officially sound the poll bugle. After becoming Madhya Pradesh Congress Committee president, Kamal Nath has also been on a temple spree visiting holy places across the length and breadth of the state.

However, the Congress has termed its strategy not as Hindutva push but as one meant to address the problem of farmers and poor in the state. Dubbing the gaushala construction as meant to solve the stray cattle problem in the state, Congress asserts the temple visits of Rahul Gandhi as a part of his upbringing and teachings by his family.