The Ministry of Health and Welfare confirmed 553 positive cases and 10 deaths due to the novel coronavirus aka COVID-19 on Wednesday, March 25, a day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced nationwide lockdown for 21 days. The first day of lockdown had a mixed result as people in most of the areas followed PM Modi’s guidelines, while a few stepped out carelessly. With such a people, security forces felt in a stringent manner and thrashed them. A few videos of policemen beating jaywalkers are also doing round the Internet. While some videos showcased how police provided food to poor, delivered medicines to elders and helped some people, who needed emergency medical services, reaching hospitals.

While a few people who have been contributing to provide essential and emergency services faced problems because of police. An E-commerce companies, who was delivering essentials like groceries, medicines and food items has stopped its services after its deliverboys were reportedly attacked and harassed by security perssonel who have been deployed to control the situation, not to disturb it. An online retailer told media that at the time of unprecedented problem, a huge amount of edibles were disposed.

Taking cognizance of such complaints, Delhi Chief Miniayer Arvind Kejriwal expressed regret on incidents and announced e-pass for the people on special duty. While media persons just need to show their ID cards and they will be allowed to go. CM tried to make people understand that strictness is being done as the government is concerned about public health.

In Gujarat, second death due to coronavirus was reported today. Death of an 85-year-old woman who had been diagnosed with coronavirus was confirmed by the state health department said.

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