If you eat chicken or mutton for that matter any non-veg, you will get infected by Corona virus, said a rumour doing round the internet. Many in Telugu states believe it and stopped buying chicken. 10 days ago a kilo chicken in Telangana was 150 now it was down to 40 rupees. In many parts of Andhra Pradesh, it is being sold at the price of 10 rupees only. Many stopped eating non-veg, even the Hyderabadi biryani too. Two and half kg of chiken in many parts of hyderabad is sold for Rs 100 only.

People are not consuming chicken as a rumour is doing round the internet that corona is spreading by consumption of chicken.

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Kodanda Reddy , Congress Telangana Kisan Cell incharge, said even if the rumors are spreading, the government cannot do anything. It’s sad state of affairs. Corona proved death knell to the poultry industry in Telangana and the government should save the farmers and small merchants.

The poultry industry held a meeting in press club of hyderabad and asked the government of Telangana to save atleast small poultry farmers. Sri Ram, telangana poultry federation member told NewsX, if the government does not help , the only option before them is suicides. since the chicken rate in the city fell from 150 to 40 rupees. at the poultries the chicken are given for free of cost . the price of an egg down to two rupees from 5 rupees due to rumours in social media. the government should announce minimum support price for poultry products and andother member of federation Venkat Reddy said it’s very expensive to grow chicken but we are forced to sell them at lower prices.

we cannot even get our investments now. there is no option but to sell since the chicken will die after some days and eggs will be damaged. the government should save the poultry industry.

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Andhra is the second highest producer of eggs in the nation… it produces 3.5 crores of eggs per day . and Telangana is one of the higest chicken producing states of the country. now both states are bleeding due to corona virus rumours . the government of Telangana held one chicken mela to alleviate fears from people’s minds but it was of no use .

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