Coronavirus’ 5 new cases, all members of a same family, were confirmed on Sunday in Kerala that climbed the total to 39 in India. Kerala health minister said 3 persons who returned from Italy hided their travel history from the authorities and were not screened at the airport. Later, their 2 more family members got infected.

So far, over 1 lakh cases have been
detected globally and claimed 3515 lives.

Earlier today, the Arunachal Pradesh government restricted infected foreigners entry to the state as precautionary measure.

A day ago, Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a review meeting on preprations and plans to curb virus with top health officials. PM directed officials to identify locations for sufficient quarantine facilities to keep critical patients in isolation.

PM also advised people to avoid handshakes and greet by joining hands (namaste). He said there no need to panic and corona can be cured by hygiene.

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On Saturday, the Ministry of Health had also confirmed 3 cases of coronavirus, 2 in Ladakh and 1 in Tamil Nadu, having travel history from Iran and Oman.

Doctors said the novel coronavirus spreads through physical contact or respiratory droplets while coughing or sneezing.

Frequent washing of hands, use of sanitisers, keeping handkerchiefs. It is like a normal virus but very difficult control.

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