Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Coronavirus update: Health Ministry confirms 5,124 cases, toll raises 149

Coronavirus update: Ministry of Health and Family Welfare confirmed 5,124  cases In India till now out of which around 410 people have been cured or found negative in their repetitive tests. But the death toll has also increased and reached 149. In Delhi The situation is getting tougher, state governments taking serious actions to control the pandemic.

Delhi has identified 20 hotspots of coronavirus which are spreading speedy coronavirus cases in Delhi. These 20 hotspots have been seeled and people are not allowed to move outside. The state will take care of the essentials at the sealed spaces. There are 93 new Coronavirus positive cases that have been registered which took the number to 669 in the National Capital however, 9 people have died till now. A number of infected people have been in doubt to have contact with Nizamuddin event.

Delhi Minister said that everyone has to wear the mask in Delhi if anyone would be seen without wearing a mask on roads would be a punishable offense. Rajasthan took rise in the cases today, 40 people have been found infected. The total number of cases have been registered 383 till now. The situation in Bhilwara is controlled now and Bhilwara model is under considereation for other hotspots.


Just Like Delhi several states have found their hotspots and sealed the places, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shiv Raj Singh Chauhan has sealed the cities like Indore, Bhopal & Ujjain as they are the cities where maximum number of cases have been reported. Indian Council of Medical Research said that there has been 1,27,919 samples taken till now, there are chances of speedy testing soon. 

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