Even after 15.6 crore cases and 32.6-lakh deaths worldwide, the mystery of the origin of Coronavirus is yet to be unraveled. These numbers are staggering but the real numbers are believed to be far more than this “official” count. After multiple studies, reports and WHO’s visits to China, the origin of a virus that leaped from animals to humans and has been wrecking havoc in the world is still not known, why?

A report suggests, a document written by People’s Liberation Army scientists and senior Chinese doctors has been accessed by the US state department. The document talks about Coronavirus and a new “era of genetic weapons.”

Another report suggests that the pathogen leaked from a lab in China’s Wuhan, potentially Wuhan Institute of Virology. China has been calling this as a false theory, built to spread misinformation about China. This “hypothesis” has also been marked as “most unlikely” by the WHO in a report.

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Global governments raised fingers on World Health Organization’s (WHO) investigation in China as there were reports of investigators not been given access to complete data. A report released by WHO last month sheds light on 4 possible ways the virus could have originated. The 4 possibilities highlighted in the report are, virus having jumped from one animal to another before humans, a direct spillover from host animal to a human, virus reaching humans through frozen food supply chains and the virus leaking from China’s lab.

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