Togther people can defeat coronavirus, said Andhra Pradesh CM Jagan Mohan Reddy. Addressing the people of the state on Thursday, CM sent out a very clear message to the people the of the state. The need of the hour is ‘Unity’ against this invisible enemy , he said. We should help each other without considering any differences whatsoever, keeping in mind the larger picture.

– The CM also took this opportunity to thank all those people who are working tirelessly to ensure that the state defeats Corona like village volunteers, ASHA workers, ANMs, doctors, health workers etc.

– The CM reiterated that every single guideline issued by the PM should be followed and strict action will be taken against those who do not.

– Over crowding in market areas has been witnessed in the past 4 days, measures to make sure social distancing is maintained at all points have been taken and should be strictly implemented.

– Making sure that all possible necessities are available in abundance is our duty and we will ensure that measures are taken for the same.

– ONE HELPLINE FOR ALL POSSIBLE PROBLEMS (1902) : Collectors have been given strict orders to ensure that all possible problems raised by citizens are solved immediately. Any citizen who needs food,water,accomodation,medication or any other necessity can ring up. We assure prompt and timely action in each case

With a network of over 4.3 lakh volunteers and grama secratariat employees, AP is the first state to not only trace more than 11000 foreign returnees through its volunteer network but also the first in the country to set up isolation wards at multiple locations, as per suggested requirements.

– 4 critical care hospitals have been setup in the state to ensure that we are prepared to face all eventualities.

CM on yesterday’s incidents at the AP-Telangana border.

‘ – It is highly hurtful that the situation has become such that we aren’t even able to welcome OUR people with a smile when they want to come back home. My heart aches to say this but such is the situation.

– Restrictions of travel have been out in place for a reason. I request people to stay where they are. This is temporary.

– We let nearly 40,000 people out of not wanting to say no to our people. All these will have to be put into quarantine centres. Thats’s necessary.

– We will not be able to defeat Corona if we do not limit ourselves to our homes. Please stay where you are at this point in time.

– Request all those who are coming back to consider how big a threat they can pose to not only themselves but others lives as well.

– I spoke to CM KCR, he responded supportively too. He assured that he will take care of all the people living in Telangana ‘.

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