India is facing a health crisis with a steep rise in Covid-19 cases, coupled with mounting pressure on health infrastructure. As a result, Hospitals across India are facing a shortage of beds, oxygen cylinder, ICU beds, vaccines and Remdesivir injections. In a latest development, a board has been put up outside Mumbai’s BKC vaccination centre on Tuesday stating that vaccines are out of stock.

Speaking about the situation, Centre’s Dean said that they had about 350-400 Covishield doses, which they have administered. They currently have around 2000 Covaxin doses for second dose, which is being administered. He added that they have been informed that they will get Covishield doses by this evening. If that happens, they will begin vaccination from tomorrow.

To contain the Covid-19 spread, Centre and states have come on front-foot and are taking all necessary steps to test, track and accelerate the inoculation drive. While states like Maharashtra and Delhi have imposed a 15 curfew and a 6 day lockdown respectively, the Centre has made everyone above the age of 18 eligible to get vaccinated. After interacting with top pharma companies on Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be interacting with vaccine manufacturers via video conferencing at 6 pm today.

Amid this, NewsX has also suggested certain steps that GOI can consider to resolve the issue of lack of oxygen and remdesivir. One primary solution is the installation of PSA plants in identified 100 hospitals to manufacture own oxygen. Hospitals should set up huge storage tanks that last atleast 10 days. Trains should be used to transport oxygen and save time. Furthermore, all surplus oxygen from Iron and steel plants should be diverted to medical use. For increased supply of Remdesivir, the Centre should slash down the prices of Remdesivir to increase accessibility and combat black marketing. There should also be stringent monitoring of the sale of Remdesivir injections.