At a time cows are getting a lot of attention in our country, this cow had even bigger plans to garner even more attention! On Friday a lonely cow forced flights to be diverted from Ahmedabad airport when it strayed on its runway causing immense chaos and ruckus. Indian Airport authorities that human negligence may have had a role to play in this entire episode. The bovine moved slowly past the security at a cargo gate at the airport in India’s state of Gujarat to ramble near the runway, sparking a rodeo chase with guards.

A flight from Abu Dhabi and a cargo plane had to be diverted to Mumbai after one of the pilots spotted the beast at the spot at Ahmedabad airport. Due to the incident, the arrival of 5 domestic flights and several departures were also delayed. Aviation sources said airport security guards and fire officials had to struggle for more than 90 minutes to move the cow away from the runway and had to be extremely careful in order not to avoid harming the animal.

“The cow had entered from near the cargo gate of the airport. The security personnel with sticks and air guns chased the animal away,” one source said. In retrospect, Sardar Vallabhbhai International Airport and other Indian airports have had faced troubles with animals. In February last year, an IndiGo flight at Ahmedabad was delayed on the takeoff strip because of the presence of rabbits on the runway. In November 2016, a Chennai-bound plane had to terminate before the take off after some monkeys were spotted on the runway.

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