Uttarakhand Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat has said that cow is the only animal which inhales and exhales oxygen by saying that it can cure breathing problems by massaging her. CM Trivendra has also claimed massaging a cow can cure one’s breathing problems. He also said that while living in close proximity with the animal can cure for tuberculosis. Users have trolled CM Trivendra Singh on Twitter by claiming such a controversial statement.

Meanwhile, some officials in Uttarakhand have defended Rawat’s remarks, saying that he was only stating something that is a common belief in the hills of Uttarakhand as people in the hills also believe that the cow gives them oxygen.

Earlier, Rekha Arya, the minister for animal husbandry, had claimed cow was the source for the purest form of products such as milk and ghee and was guaranteed not to have negative energy inside her.

A social media user has said that politicians have enough time to do politics on Caste, cow, and others. Smog has become a killer, oxygen becoming more precious. Debates have become a solution. Politicians just want to be in power. Easy blame farmers for all the bad.

Some said the cow is the only animal that gives Oxygen and cures TB, migraine, etc and thus needs to be saved. But when will you seriously look into and speak about female foeticide and infanticide in our state.

Meanwhile, some argued that every hospital should have gaushala as cow exhales oxygen which can save a lot of lives and the incident in Gorakhpur hospital will not happen again.

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