Amaravati, Sept 14: YSRCP has stacked up various issues to bring to national attention by raising them in the ongoing Parliament session.  While Covid, Central aid, Special Category Status (SCS) and other issues will come up in the session on merit, YSRCP MPs will also stress on the irregularities in CRDA and APSFL during the previous TDP term with all vigour.

The alleged nepotism, manipulation, corruption and breaking the oath of secrecy by the people in high office who were privy to information leaking it in their close circles, the insider trading arising out of such a malpractice, would be highlighted. People in the know of cabinet decisions reaping undue benefits, including cabinet ministers, legislators, party associates, and their benamis by buying land ahead of the actual announcement, and some of them coming from faraway places even.

The beneficiaries include, Chandrababu Naidu and his family members, Vemuri Ravi Kumar Prasad, an NRI and close associate of Nara Lokesh, Paritala Sunita, Payyavula Kesavulu, Lingamaneni Ramesh and other TDP leaders. It’s allegedly said that The benami transactions that took place in the land deals, again involved ministers and TDP leader besides redrawing the boundaries of capital area to suit their favoured few to keep their land holding at an advantageous place.

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Mithun Reddy
Vijay Sai Reddy

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Fraudulent means of grabbing assigned and government land and surrendering it for land pooling to get the benefits announced by the government. The yawning disparity in land prices allotted to Government institutions and private individuals, favouring the latter in an undue manner besides intimidation in acquiring land from unwilling farmers. The Land Pooling Scheme rules do not comply with the Land Acquisition Act, would be articulated in the House.

The irregularities in the AP State Fibrenet Limited (APSFL) would be highlighted which involves the then Chief Minister N Chandababu Naidu, Information Technology Minister Nara Lokesh and the Technical Advisor to Government, Vemuri Harikrishna Prasad, where the deviation has started from the tenders stage itself.

The order went to Terra Software owned by the family members of Harikrishna Prasad and undue favours were doled out during the period of 2014-19. There were grave irregularities at bidding level and undue favour was meted out to Terasoftware by giving the maintenance contract at an exorbitant rate to the Company, owned by family members of Harikrishna Prasad who was holding high office in the Government.

The two issues would be raised to draw the national attention on the unfair practices and irregularities of the previous government which shows nepotism, corruption and breach of oath of secrecy.

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