As the depression over the Bay of Bengal nears North, The Andaman and Nicobar Islands is expected to experience heavy rain and strong winds today. India Meteorological Department Scientist R K Janamani said that the depression will intensify into a deep depression by Monday morning and it will further intensify into a cyclonic storm by Monday evening. He added that if it emerges into a cyclonic storm then it will be known as Cyclone Asani.

IMD scientists have said that the depression over the Southeast and South Andaman sea is moving towards the north with the speed of 12 Km per hour. Sharing further details on Cyclone Asani, R K Janamani said, “The Depression over the southeast Bay of Bengal, about 200km of north-northeast of Car Nicobar (northern part of Nicobar Islands) and 100 km of south-southeast of Port Blair (Andaman Islands), will intensify into a deep depression in the next 12 hours and further into a cyclonic storm.”

Amid the warnings, Fishermen have been advised to return from sea. Indian Army, Navy, Air Force and Indian Coast Guard have been asked to be on stand by. The NDRF personnel have been deployed at different places with the necessary equipment, in case they need to carry out search and rescue operation. For the time being, fishing, tourism and shipping activities have been stopped in the area.

Ahead of the upcoming Cyclone Asani, the Indian Coast Guard ships are also on high alert and have issuing weather warnings since Sunday afternoon.