Union ministry who has been touring Hyderabad for local body polls accused the TRS Govt is most corrupt and released a ‘chargesheet’ on the government. In a recent media interaction during the GHMC poll campaign, MLC and daughter Of Telangana Kalvakuntla Kavitha strongly reacted to him and slammed cabinet minister Prakash Javadekar  and the Bhartiya Janta Party over their alleged “charge sheet” against the GHMC body which is currently ruled by the TRS Party.

While hitting out at the BJP, Kavitha vigorously pointed out the basic template that BJP follows in every election where it is not in power to level accusations at other parties. She further said that the TRS party owes no explanation to the BJP over the latter’s accusations but KCR-led TRS is a democratically elected government and leveling such allegations against the party would imply questioning people’s mandate.

Former Member of Parliament also in her interaction spoke about the hypocrisy and partial behavioral practices that are preached by BJP towards the states where it is not in power. She said that the extent of discrimination could be felt when no additional funding was ever given to Telangana which was carved only 6 years ago, the same was also witnessed when in the recent GHMC floods, the Centre released over 600 cr for Karnataka and nothing was given for Hyderabad.

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BJP did not support Telangana and its people and in the upcoming GHMC elections, Hyderabad will also not support the BJP.  Kavitha said that the people of GHMC will bring the TRS Party back with a greater number and cross the 99 seat mark.