Jay Prakash Tiwari, a 32-year-old labourer on Saturday raped and murdered an 11-year-old girl in Dehradun’s Sahaspur village, reported the Hindustan Times. The police arrested the suspect from Timli forest area as he was trying to flee away. A case under the relevant sections of IPC has been registered and an investigation is underway, Senior superintendent of police, Dehradun, Nivedita Kukreti said. The incident took place on Saturday afternoon when the girl was playing with two boys of her age near the huts where she used to stay with her parents.

While the suspect hails from Faizabad district of Uttar Pradesh, the victim and her family were from Satna district of Madhya Pradesh. Tiwari used to stay in the shanty near to that of the girl. He had refused to go to work that day claiming that he is sick. After seeing the girl playing with two other boys, he lured three and gave them money to buy candies. While the two boys went to buy candies, he asked the girl to stay back promising her more candies if she let the boys go. After the boys left, Tiwari raped the girl inside his shanty. He strangled her when she tried to scream for help.

Sahaspur SHO Naresh Rathod said that after killing her he hid her body under construction material inside the shanty and planned to suppose it at night. On the other hand, the girl’s parents were searching for her. When they could not find her till evening, they decided to inform the police about it. They had also asked Tiwari about their daughter after the two boys told them about Tiwari giving them money to buy candies.

However, Tiwari said that the girl left along with the boys. Sensing a trouble, he decided to flee the place. After the police were informed regarding the matter, they directly went to Tiwari’s shanty where they found the girl’s body under construction material.

After an investigation, Tiwari revealed that he raped the girl because he wanted to fulfil his sexual desires and was craving for sex. The police revealed that the girl was about the age of Tiwari’s daughter. Also, the suspect has left his family including his wife and two children, at home.

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