The chilling death mystery that recently surfaced from Delhi’s Burari area has been doing the rounds across the country as it is one of the goriest incidents that took place in Delhi. On July 1, the Delhi Police found bodies of 11 family members, including two minor boys and an elderly woman from their residence. The police said that all of the bodies were found hanging from the iron ceiling, while the body of an elderly woman was lying on the floor. A day after the bodies of the 11 family members were taken for the autopsy. The autopsy report revealed that the cause of the death was “asphyxiation” and there were no signs of struggle. 

Besides this, the Delhi Police also recovered handwritten notes from the residence that brought some more horrifying details with itself. The handwritten notes gave an occult angle to the Burari murder mystery and police found that the family was involved in some spiritual practices. Two handwritten registers were also recovered from the spot, which had listed down the steps to achieve salvation. All of the bodies were found blindfolded with their hands tied to their back and mouth gagged. The autopsy report also pointed out that there were no physical marks on the body except the ligature marks. 

Here are the Burari death mystery highlights:

8:10 pm: As per the entries in the register, the family tied their own hands and when the ritual was done, everyone will help each other untie their hands. But as per police, the ritual went wrong and all of them lost their lives.  

7:40 pm: A few years ago, Lalit had lost his speech but he recovered because of the rituals he had been practising. 

7:35 pmSince 2013, Lalit had been maintaining a diary on his father’s ‘instructions’. The family was religious and believed him. According to these notes, the family performed the ritual that led to their hanging as per Lalit father’s instructions to attain salvation. 

7:30 pm:According to the handwritten notes found in the house, Lalit had told other members of the family and relatives that his father’s soul has entered his body many times to advise him on various issues. 

7:20 pm: Four days after the 11 bodies were found in Burari area, many theories are doing rounds on media about what actually led to the family committing the alleged suicide. The most staggering one of many theories revolves around Lalit’s father.  


9:00 pm: As the investigation in the case proceeds further, reports say that out of 11 members, 10 who were found hanging with hands tied and in blind-folded situation, might have shared 5 stools.

8:00 pm: Details from the notebooks reveal that family members believed that they would be alive after the ritual. 

7:00 pm: Shocking details from the notebooks have emerged. It was written that they will tie their own hands and when the Kriya (Ritual) is done then everyone will help each other untie their hands. 

6:00 pm: The family members were found hanging but according to reports, they were all close, therefore pointing towards something fishy. Shocking details of the alleged suicide matched with the details in the notebook. As per reports, 5 stools were shared by the 10 members. 

04:39pm: Recently, a CCTV footage was made public in which Lalit Bhatia, the suspected mastermind in Delhi’s Burari mass suicide was seen visiting a mobile phone vendor. Around 10 hours later his visit, the family committed suicide at their residence. 





11:00am: Following the chilling murder details, a family member claimed that Burari death mystery is not a suicide case. An FIR was registered following the relative’s complaint. 

After the post-mortem, the bodies of 11 family members were cremated at around 5pm on Tuesday, July 2. A family friend revealed that the eyes of the deceased were donated as it was written on the handwritten notes found at their residence. Reports said that one of the deceased has just got engaged around 15 days back.  The bodies were found by a neighbour who later informed the police.  

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