Thursday, August 11, 2022

Delhi court dismisses bail plea of Meeran Haider

Meeran Haider, an accused in the North-East Delhi violence case who was booked under provisions of the UAPA by Delhi Police for suspected riots conspiracy, had his bail application refused by a Delhi Court on Tuesday.

The bail was denied by Additional Session Judge Amitabh Rawat, who stated that there are reasonable grounds to believe the allegations against the accused Meeran Haider are prima facie accurate. “The role of accused Meeran Haider and his connectivity is part of the flurry of calls on February 24, 2020,” the Court stated.

“On the perusal of the charge sheet and accompanying documents, for the limited purpose of the bail, I am of the opinion that allegations against the accused Meeran Haider are prima facie true,” the Court also observed.

The Court dismissed defence attorney Shri Singh’s claim that the accused was not present in Delhi during the rioting. In this regard, the Court stated that in a conspiracy case, it is not required for all of the defendants to be present at the scene.

The fact that the accused works on socio-political issues and has a long list of qualifications, including a PhD, is irrelevant in determining whether or not he should be granted bail. The facts stated in the chargesheet must be considered when deciding on a bail application.

The Court took notice of protected witnesses Robert, Hector, Plantinum, Bond, James, Alpha, Aqib Aman, Beeta, Hotel, and Romeo’s statements on the plot and other claims against the defendants. According to the Court, a comprehensive reading of all the statements reveals the accused Meeran Haider’s participation in the conspiracy and disturbances.

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