The Delhi government, led by Arvind Kejriwal, has implemented a weekend curfew that will take effect from Friday in order to combat the transmission of the Covid-19. a weekend curfew will be enforced. On weekends, none will be operational except for essential services.

On Thursday, the Delhi health department announced 16,699 new Covid-19 cases and 112 related deaths in the national capital. CM Kejriwal said that all gatherings, whether social, religious, or political, are now prohibited, describing the new wave of cases as “deadlier than ever.” Only 50 people will be allowed at weddings, and only 20 people will be allowed at funerals.

The following is a list of what will be available in Delhi during the weekend curfew: 

  • Banking and telecom services are permitted to operate. E-commerce distribution services will be permitted as long as proper procedure is followed.
  • All judicial officers, judges, advocates, and lawyers can continue to serve as long as they produce valid identification cards.
  • People with pre-planned wedding schedules will be given e-passes to help them travel about during the weekend curfew with social distancing in place.
  • On weekdays, cinema halls will be at 30 per cent capacity, while on weekends, they will be closed.
  • Personnel from the police, civil defence, jails, home guards, ambulance, and emergency services are able to continue working because they are considered “essential services” during the Covid-19 lockdown. They will, furthermore, be required to display valid identification cards.

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These are the activities that are prohibited in Delhi during the weekend curfew?

  • Delhi’s shopping malls, gyms, spas, assembly halls, entertainment parks, and auditoriums will be closed until further notice.
  • Dine-in services will be prohibited, but home food delivery will be permitted, subject to strict adherence to Covid-19-related protocols.
  • All other shopping areas, arcades, and market complexes in Delhi will be closed on weekends except for one weekly market per municipal zone per day.