Delhi 3rd highest ganja consuming city in the world: Delhi has claimed the third position in the list of cities with the highest consumption of weed. It seems like the city which is high on politics, power and money is now high on weed too. As per the latest studies, the national capital is the third-largest consumer of marijuana in the world as around 38.26 metric tonnes or you can say 32,860 kg weed is consumed. The study conducted by data-driven media campaign outlet, ABCD, known as the 2018 Cannabis Price Index has published some new data according to which unveils the number of grow shops and marijuana head in approximately 120 cities in the world. The study considered the 2018 Cannabis Price Index issued previously and uncovered the locations across the world that are getting ready for the legalization of Marijuana.

In the study, Delhi has its place in the Top 10 cities with the highest consumption of Cannabis. New York (USA) is at the first position in the list and Karachi (Pakistan) is on the second position. Mumbai has also made its place in the top 10 at the sixth position.

Cannabis in India can be found in two forms including hemp and cannabis plant. Cannabis plant means any plant of the genus cannabis, on the other hand, hemp is also known as charas which can be obtained in any form like crude or purified form from the cannabis plant. The process also includes concentrated preparation and resin known as hashish oil, liquid hashish or ganja.

Bhaang which is one of the most popular drinks made during Holi is left out of the stereotypical definition of cannabis as it is socially accepted in the social and religious customs of India. The National Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act (NDPS) banned the production and sale of ganja resi and flowers but allowed the used of leaves and seeds of the same for medical purposes which clearly states that production of charas and ganja is illegal, on the other hand, production of bhaang is legal.

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