The Delhi Police has arrested a 37-year-old man for allegedly killing his 26-year-old nephew in southwest Delhi’s Dabri almost three years ago. Bijay Kumar Maharana has been accused of murdering Jai Prakash Maharana whose remains were discovered in October 2018, after being buried in the balcony of Maharana’s rented house in Delhi. A report in PTI noted that the accused was arrested from Hyderabad on Sunday, January 6. The police have been suspecting jealousy as the reason behind the crime. Bijay was working as a human resources manager with an engineering firm.

Police got to know about the incident when the owner of the flat informed them about the discovered skeletal remains. He then mentioned Bijay, who had left the flat recently. However, the police were not able to find Bijay as nobody knew about his whereabouts.

According to police, the skeleton was discovered by the labourers who had demolished the boundary wall of the balcony for renovation. Reportedly, the skeletal remains were found wrapped in a blue jacket and a green shirt which had been covered using a bed sheet, a blanket and a mattress.

Bijaya was living in the rented apartment with his nephew from 2015. It was 2016 when he told the landlord that his nephew had gone missing. On February 12, 2016, he registered a missing complaint with police. He also took permission from his landlord to plant flowers in the balcony. He then vacated the flat two months later.

The police soon found Bijay with help of technical surveillance. During the investigation, Bijay revealed that he was not happy about Jai being close to his girlfriend. Annoyed with the fact, he planned to kill his nephew. on February 6, 2016, he smashed Jai’s head with a motor of a ceiling fan and buried his body in the soil. He even planted saplings over his body to avoid any suspicion.

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