Friday, September 30, 2022

Delhi Police apprehends two Bangladeshi nationals, recovers fake stamps of various Bangladesh ministries

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According to an official on Sunday, Delhi Police detained two Bangladeshi nationals in the city’s Palam neighbourhood and seized several passports and 10 phoney stamps from Bangladeshi ministries from their hands.

Two Bangladeshi nationals who were apprehended lived in Palam Extension, close to Ramphal Chowk, and were identified as Md Mostafa and Md Husain Sheikh. DCP Dwarka, M. Harsha Vardhan, stated that more inquiry is being conducted.

Prior to the Independence Day celebrations, police say that frequent special checking drives are being carried out in the city.

According to the police, two Bangladeshi nationals who reside nearby Ramphal Chowk’s house were visited during one such drive by the officials inspecting the area.

“They were discovered to be in possession of 10 false stamps from different Bangladeshi ministries and notaries, as well as 11 passports belonging to various Bangladeshi nationals. They had no meaningful response on the fraudulent rubber stamps ” police stated.

As a result, a complaint has been filed against the two at PS Dwarka South under the relevant legal provisions (Foreigners Act and 468 IPC), and an investigation is ongoing.

“They said that they had previously served as agents for Bangladeshi people travelling for medical care. However, an investigation is being conducted into the discovery of several phoney stamps from them ” police stated.

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