Husband of the air, hostess, who allegedly committed suicide by jumping off the terrace of her residence, has been arrested by the Delhi police. The husband identified as Mayank Singhvi was arrested after a round of questioning by the police on Monday.

Singhvi will now be produced before the Magistrate on July 17. 

Anissia Batra, the air hostess, worked with a German airline. She was allegedly tortured both mentally and physically by her husband Mayank Singhvi for dowry.

Anissia’s father, a retired Army Major General, had even filed a complaint with the police last month. And now the family is claiming that their daughter was murdered and therefore, a 2nd post-mortem was conducted today while being videographed.

The police have taken possession of Mayank’s luxury car, Anissia’s diamond ring and their mobile phone. A forensic team picked up articles for tests. The events that led to her death would be reconstructed as per a report by NDTV.

Three days ago, Mayank Singhvi allegedly told the police that he had received a text message from his wife, threatening to kill herself. He was home at the time, but by the time he reached the terrace, she had already jumped, he told the police. When he took her to a hospital, she was declared dead.

However, Anissia’s brother has given a contradictory statement, “My sister messaged us to call the police. She said Mayank had locked her in a room. ‘…because of him my life is going to go, please don’t leave him,’ she wrote. We don’t know if he pushed her or she jumped, but we have been trying to get them arrested and police aren’t helping,” he told reporters.


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