Thursday, September 29, 2022

Delhi Police held 8 kite flyers for using Chinese manjha

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Eight kite fliers from the Geeta Colony area were detained by Delhi Police for reportedly using Chinese manjha.

Geeta Colony police station conducted a special drive due to the threat posed by Chinese Manjha and the previous events.

Eight kite fliers using Chinese manjha were detained during the drive. At the Geeta Colony police station, a total of eight charges under section 188 IPC have been filed in this connection. A total of 13 Charkhi Chinese manjha had been retrieved from the detained individuals’ possession throughout the drive.

According to the police, there have been several incidences of throat slitting in Delhi that have left many people dead. A targeted campaign was launched to reduce the usage of Chinese manjha. In this effort, kite fliers were also monitored in addition to dealers.

However on Tuesday morning, Delhi Police reported that they had detained five store owners in the nation’s capital for peddling Chinese manjha.

The usage of Chinese manjha for kite flying during the Independence Day festivities was reportedly reported to the authorities.

Notably, Chinese manjha is prohibited in Delhi-National Capital Region due to its harmful effects on humans and birds.

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