The Delhi Police has released photos of two bearded men suspected to be terrorists which could be hiding in New Delhi. The police have issued the photographs of two terrorists and have asked people to remain vigilant and to report any information if they see any of these men in the capital. According to police, the suspected terrorists in the photographs are posing next to milestone which has written on it Delhi 360 km and Ferozepur 9 km. The men are sporting dark coloured kurtas along with a cap. The police have asked people to report to Paharganj police station or call on these numbers 011-23520787, 011-2352474 if they find something.

Earlier, an intelligence report which suggested that around 6-7 Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorists from who according to the intelligence agencies were hiding in Punjab could have moved to Delhi. Following this, the Punjab Police was  issued an alert.

Law enforcement agencies have been asked to install check-points in the state by the Punjab Inspector General of Police — Counter Intelligence. Also, the authorities have been asked to assure each vehicle are being checked thoroughly and all the anti-terror measures are followed properly. The intelligence advisory also mentioned that the second life on defence along with the India-Pakistan border had to strengthen.

The alert was issued after around 4 men took over a taxi at gunpoint near Jammu and Punjab side. The incident took place on November 13. However, it is yet to be confirmed whether the men who hijacked the car had anything to do with the suspected terrorists who may be hiding in Delhi.

Punjab’s Pathankot had been the target of terrorists and ever since after URI type attacks, the areas have remained highly sensitised with security team always remaining vigil.