In bizarre news being reported from the national capital, Delhi Police have nabbed a local Spiderman burglar, along with three of his accomplices. According to reports, a 24-year-old suspect was arrested by the officials. The official report claimed that the gang was active in northwest, outer, west Delhi and Rohini Nagar. Commenting the special tag which the burglar enjoys, the official said that since the accused was capable of scaling tall walls without facing problems, he was called Spiderman among the people.

During the primary investigation, the Delhi police officials seized articles worth Rs 50 lakh, smartphones, more than 30 pieces of gold and diamond jewelry weighing about 500 gms, over 15 expensive watches and an also a licensed revolver with five live cartridges. The arrest was made on October 7.

The arrest came in after the police station of the area was flooded with robbery complaints. Many theft cases were reported from northwest Delhi’s Saraswati Vihar. Last night, the Delhi police foiled his attempt of robbing a house after a neigh informed police. When the police officials reached the sport they arrested the main accused Jai Prakash (24). The prime accused is a resident of Jahangirpuri, from a spot near the MM Public School, Lok Vihar, Subhash Place.

According to a report by PTI, following the arrest of Jai, his three accomplices were also nabbed by the police. Hailing the arrest of the local Spiderman the police official said that the arrest has solved as many as 53 burglary cases.

Commenting on the matter, police said that the accused always carried an extra pair of black trousers and a black T-shirt whenever he had a plan to commit a burglary. His ability to climb any floor within a few seconds was one of the major reasons why he was called local Spiderman. He would always get himself acquainted with the topography of an area which he plans to rob before committing a crime there, the officer added.