Delhi pollution crisis: The situation of pollution in Delhi is worsening with every upcoming day and it is also affecting all the adjoining areas too. The Central government has said that is will keep tabs on the situation. The Principal Secretary to Prime Minister, PK Mishra has reviewed the matter and along with some senior officials from Punjab, Delhi, and Haryana. As per the latest readings of the air quality index, the pollution levels in Delhi have crossed the 600 mark in Delhi which has made breathing difficult and has lowered the visibility also.

The low visibility has affected the air and road traffic. Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal has termed the situation as an unbearable one and he also added that people of Delhi are suffering without any fault. The situations of Delhi have been affecting Noida too and the authorities of Noida have been forced to shut down the schools till the situation improves. The Supreme court is going to take the matter into consideration tomorrow.

Effects of Delhi pollution crisis:

A total number of thirty-seven flights were diverted from the Delhi airport due to poor visibility due to immense pollution. As per a statement released by the Delhi Airport, around 12 of the flights were Air India flights and the rest of them were international.

From the 407 mark which was recorded yesterday, the air quality index has jumped to the 625 mark which very hazardous for humankind. Haryana government has ordered all the schools to shut down till November 4 and November 5, 2019. In Sirsa district also, the timings have been changed as now the school timings there will be 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

As per the speculations, the Supreme court is going to take a report from the Environment Pollution Control Authority (EPCA) on pollution caused by stubble burning as it is considered as one of the major factors causing pollution on a large scale. Amarinder Singh, Chief Minister of Punjab said that the Central government should look into the matter as soon as possible and find a solution for it.

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