Sunday, October 2, 2022

Delhi Rape Horror: Amid Delhi’s Political Rift, Women Security Has Been Compromised

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Delhi’s women’s security has been compromised to a political rift between political parties. An 8-year-old child was brutally raped and killed by her mother’s lover in a terrible deed.

The state government’s spokesman or leaders of AAP disregarded the subject by declining to sit on the panel as NewsX held a debate on the shocking rape in Delhi. However, over the last two days, BJP and AAP have both maintained a regular media presence to criticize one another’s excise policy. Press conferences are scheduled one after another.

Rizwan alias Badshah, an accused who works as a butcher, has been named. Twenty years ago, he relocated to Delhi from Bihar in quest of work.

According to police reports, minor’s body was discovered after many searches. Nearly 200 people who reside in and near the Yamuna Khadar region were questioned by police. The case is currently being probed further, by filing POSCO Act charges.

According to police, the butcher also admitted to mutilating the girl’s face and slitting her neck before concealing her body in the Yamuna Khadar jungle in central Delhi.

The city recorded an increase in rape cases in 2021 of 2,076 incidents, a 22 percent increase.

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