Another instance of crime against women has been reported in the posh Connaught place area of New Delhi. A 32-year-old woman was molested by an unknown man while she was on a break. The woman alleged that while she was speaking to someone on the phone during her break she was groped and grabbed by a man in mid-twenties. The victim works at Inligua, whose office is situated in CP. According to the victim the man also pretended to be on the phone and then he started pacing towards the victim.

The accused stood in front of the victim and stared her to which made her really uncomfortable. Later the man groped the woman and started masturbating and also mentioned that he liked the woman’s private parts. The woman ran to save her life but the door on the terrace was also bolted. When the victim started screaming people downstairs ran to her rescue and the accused ran away to the other terrace. Before fleeing the spot the man snatched the phone of the victim.

When the CCTV footage was scrolled the man was seen following the victim upstairs however his face was not clear in the footage. However, the woman says that she can recognise the man if she sees him again. Police have registered a case in the matter and are investigating the case.

“I was on a break on the terrace, when a man started pacing in front of me, he then groped me, when I tried running away I noticed the terrace gate was bolted, he then grabbed my hand and started touching himself, I shouted after which he ran away,” the victim said.


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