Delhi Water Crisis Update : Amidst Miscreants Sabotage Motives, Atishi Requests Police To Protect Water Pipelines For Next 15 Days

Amidst crippling heatwave and miscreants sabotaging and damaging water pipelines. Delhi’s water minister Atishi wrote to police commissioner Sanjay Arora to protect city’s primary water pipeline system.

As the Capital city Delhi is grappling with water crisis in the ongoing severe heatwave. Delhi’s water minister and AAP minister Atishi has requested police commissioner Sanjay Arora to provide police personnels for patrolling and protecting the major water pipelines of the city for next 15 days.

She wrote, “Due tp shortage of water being received in the Yamuna, water production has fallen by around 70 MGD and many parts of Delhi are experiencing water shortage. In this situation, every drop of water becomes procious”.

The Delhi Jal board has deployed patrol teams to overlook the city’s primary water distribution, that carries raw water to the water treatment plants and then from there to the main underground reservoirs in different parts of the city.

The water minister said on Saturday that while patrolling the Delhi jal board team detected a major water leak in South Delhi’s Rising Mains. Which is the main water pipeline that carries water from Sonia Vihar WTP to South Delhi.

In her letter, she indicated that large 375mm bolts and one 12 inch bolt been cut down from the pipelines is a deliberate damage pulled off by miscreants or people with ulterior motives.

“At this juncture any foul play and sabotage will worsen the already difficult water shortage being faced by the people of Delhi,” she wrote.

About the damage done in the pipeline, Atishi assured the city that a maintenance team worked for straight six hours to repair the leak.

But adding to this relieving news, she added..” but this meant that we had to stop pumping water for 6 hours and 20 MGD of water was not pumped during this time. As a consequence a further 25% of water shortage will be experienced in South Delhi.”