Well, there are a series of information that touches a person on regular basis, but believing them or questioning them is totally up to us. Recently, if a report by Delhi Police is to be believed, women in the national capital are more obedient towards traffic laws as compared to men. According to the statistics released by the Delhi Police, no woman was booked for drunk driving in 2017. Meanwhile in, 2018, only one woman has been booked for driving under the influence of alcohol till now. The stats also claimed that the women involved in overall traffic offences were also almost negligible.

The report also highlighted that even though the number of women which break the traffic laws was almost next to none, women comprise almost 10% of all accident fatalities. As per a report by TOI, the Delhi Police said that the lower ratio of male drivers to female explains why the prosecution statistics are so biased towards males. The police also said that there was just one woman licence holder to every 71 men in the city. It was also revealed that out of 26 lakh challan issued by the traffic police for violating the laws involved only 600 women.

Justifying the figures and appreciating the women drivers in the city for minding the traffic laws, joint commissioner (Delhi traffic police) Garima Bhatnagar, said that women drive more carefully than men. She claimed that in 2017 around 1,67,867 drivers were booked by Delhi police for jumping a traffic signal, in the mentioned figure only 44 were women. The reports also claimed that out of 1,39,471 drivers caught for speeding only 514 were women. The report also highlighted that women were said to be driving at the speed limits.

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Stating that women have been more careful at turns and intersections, the traffic police officer told TOI that while analysing trends, it was found that women, in general, are more careful at places where the maximum number of accidents takes place — intersections. According to the traffic police, 10% of the victims of fatal road accidents were women, while around 14% of those injured in accidents happened to be female.

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