Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister of Delhi, announced on Sunday that the national capital had 1,600 new cases of coronavirus disease (Covid-19) in the previous 24 hours and that the city’s ongoing Covid-19 lockdown has been extended by one week until May 31.

The Chief Minister also expressed concern about vaccine shortages in the face of a potential third wave of Covid-19 in the country, emphasizing the importance of being prepared.

Kejriwal said that the lockdown has been extended for another week in the wake of general consensus. He also added that opening everything right now would risk losing all of the gains on the Covid-19 front over the last month. The lockdown in Delhi was set to last until 5 a.m. Sunday. Now the lockdown has been extended until 5 a.m. next Monday (May 31).

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On April 23, Delhi’s positivity rate peaked at 36.24 percent, with 26,169 samples out of 72,208 tested positives for the coronavirus disease.

The city’s daily cases, as well as its positivity rate, have been steadily declining over the last few days. The 28,395 cases reported on April 20 were the most in a single day in Delhi since the pandemic began. However , for several days, the number of new infections has been below 10,000; on May 13, there were 10,489 new cases, with a positivity rate of 14.24%

The CM also added that however, if the curve continues to fall like this for a week, Delhi will begin a phased unlock process on May 31.

While the decline in the number of cases has given some succor to the state, the rise in cases of black fungus infection has instilled fear among the people.