There have been several incidences in past where a person gets mocked by his friends or cousins for eating almost everything that was not even served to them. Well, the most one has faced in such scenarios are just some ‘fat’ jokes but being thrashed just for eating too much is something that will surely leave you amazed. In an incident being reported from Madhya Pradesh, an employee working with a local food joint was brutally thrashed by the owner for eating too much food. If the reports are to believed, a Dhaba employee was stripped naked and was thrashed mercilessly by the owner just because he ate too much food from the Dhaba.

The bizarre incident took place on Tuesday night in Betul district of Madhya Pradesh. As per sources, after Dhaba owner found that the victim had one extra roti than he was allowed to the owner along with his aide brutally thrashed the person with using iron rods and wooden sticks. As per reports, the owner, his aide along with other staff members thrashed him for eating too much food. The accused stopped after the victim had lost his consciousness. As per a report by ANI, the accused had not only thrashed the victim but also stripped him naked for eating too much food.

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Later, the victim was rushed to the nearby hospital where the doctors attending him said that his condition was critical. A case has been registered by the Madhya Pradesh police and investigations are underway. Taking the cognizance of the reports, the police have also arrested the Dhaba owner and the accused staffer. In the nation where several reportedly die almost every hour due to hunger, the following incident of a man being thrashed for eating too much food has again highlighted the inhuman nature of the masses.

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