Monday, September 26, 2022

Did former Vice Prez invite a Pakistani journalist with ties to ISI to India?

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The BJP has requested an explanation from the party after Pakistani writer Nusrat Mirza, who has alleged ties to the ISI, recently stated that former Indian Vice President Hamid Ansari invited him to India while the UPA government was in office.

Hamid Ansari, the former vice president of India, has been at the centre of a political controversy ever since the BJP accused him of socialising with a Pakistani journalist who supports the ISI.

The BJP charged Ansari on Wednesday with bringing Nusrat, a Pakistani journalist who has claimed to have spied for the ISI, to India. The claims, according to Ansari, are a “litany of untruth,” and he denies ever meeting or inviting the man.

Who is Nusrat Mirza, the journalist from Pakistan?

A Pakistani writer named Nusrat Mirza recently asserted that the UPA administration’s former vice president Hamid Ansari had extended an invitation for him to visit India. Mirza asserted that during the trip, he learned vital information on the Indian government, which he then shared with the ISI.

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