The Supreme Court on Friday said that it was ‘anguished and pained’ after noticing that a communal colour was being given in respect to the fire crackers ban in the Delhi and National Capital Region (NCR). The Supreme Court’s statement came after it refused to entertain a plea asking to allow fire crackers on Diwali in Delhi-NCR. The Apex Court a few days ago, in a landmark decision, had ordered a ban on the sale of fire crackers in Delhi-NCR ahead of Diwali this year.

The Supreme Court had ordered a ban on sale of firecrackers on Diwali on Delhi-NCR on October 9 and had also suspended license of of fire crackers manufacturers till November 1. The Supreme Court had revived last year’s order when it had banned the sale of firecrackers in the Delhi-NCR. In 2016, the sale of firecrackers were banned post Diwali for one year which continues to remain applicable till November 1, 2017.

Expressing ‘pain and anguish’ after seeing reactions to the fire crackers ban in Delhi-NCR, the Apex court said that it was pained to hear such comments. With Diwali being just days away, fire cracker traders, in a plea to the Supreme Court, had requested it to allow sale of fire crackers for a limited period on Diwali.

A lot of outrage was witnessed after the Apex Court had banned the sale of fire crackers in Delhi-NCR on Diwali. Renowned author Chetan Bhagat had expressed his frustration with the Supreme Court’s decision and tweeted saying, “SC bans fireworks on Diwali? A full ban? What’s Diwali for children without crackers?” In a series of tweets posted by the Chetan Bhagat where he also invoked religion, he said, “Can I just ask on cracker ban. Why only guts to do this for Hindu festivals? Banning goat sacrifice and Muharram bloodshed soon too?”